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Results of the First Business Day of URBAN TRANSPORT International Show of Innovations

VDNKh, Pavilion 75, is now the venue of URBAN TRANSPORT International Show of Innovations, a global event in the field of public transport in Russia and CIS countries. On the first business day, more than 1500 people visited the show, 470 delegates, and 35 companies from 27 countries took part in it, 149 mass media covered its work.

URBAN TRANSPORT show presents creative infrastructure and technical developments aimed at improvement of the urban passenger transportation services. Relevant officials, senior managers of domestic and international companies and industrial enterprises, as well as operators and contractors, trendsetters in the transport industry development, are taking part in the business program.

The first business day of URBAN TRANSPORT started with the plenary session “Public Transport 2.0. More Than a Way to Travel” dedicated to the challenges that the transport systems have to deal with at regional and national levels. The session was moderated by Alexander Polyakov, CEO of State Unitary Enterprise MosgortransNIIproekt.

A combined presentation of projects and achievements of Moscow transport complex continued the URBAN TRANSPORT business agenda in a new TM Talks format. TM Talks presents Moscow transport projects in the TED format. The main feature of this presentation type is the speaker’s expertise and in-depth analysis of the topic in hand. TM Talk ended with the award ceremony for the winners of Transport Hackaton international developers’ contest. More than 50 programmers and designers from Russian cities and 20 foreign countries participated in the contest. For three days, November 18-20, they were developing initiatives and projects to improve the quality of passenger services in the metro and other modes of public transport in the Russian capital. The winner was “EZ Colors” team from Colombia, and the runner-up team was “Selling RED” from Russia (Plekhanov Russian University of Economics).

Representatives of the Department for Transport of the Moscow City Government and Moscow Metro took part in the official tour of the show. They got acquainted with the latest transport equipment samples, for example, the concept of Moscow 2G electric bus KAMAZ Drive Electro. The innovative electric bus provides a 17% decrease in the ownership cost for 7 years in comparison with the Euro-6 diesel engine bus. Its energy accumulator gets charged at the destination stop, this process takes only 6 to 20 minutes.

The business program of the show was continued by the session entitled “Public Transport Fleet. Renewal Methods”. Its key topics were industrial design and digital technologies, vehicles of the future, passenger security, when implementing robotic solutions, and alternative energy sources. Its participants were Ilya Zotov, Deputy Chairman of Russian Association Passengers, Sergey Ivanov, CEO of Drive Electro, Evgeny Melyuk, Chief Designer of Service Centre Transtelematica, Evgeny Mikhailov, CEO of Mosgortrans, Nikolay Odintsov, Director of Corporate Sales of GAZ Group, and Nikolay Pronin, Deputy CEO for Passenger Transport of KAMAZ. During the session, Evgeny Mikhailov spoke on the lack of competition between electrobuses, buses and trolleybuses: “An electric bus is an independent mode of transport that will replace urban passenger routes to the extent necessary in terms of transport network configuration.”

On the second day of URBAN TRANSPORT International Show of Innovations, discussions on infrastructure, digital services and public transport personalization will be held.

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